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Mark photos as your property

Watermark Images is an easy-to-use image editor that's been especially designed to apply personalized watermarks to your photos. The program can watermark complete folders and subfolders in one click, which comes in handy when you need to apply a watermark to multiple images, but not so useful if you're only working with one.

After unzipping Watermark Images (no installation required) you're ready to go. Simply select the folder where your images are stored and the folder where you want to save the watermarked images to. You also have the option to resize the images at the same time.

You can choose between image or text watermarks in Watermark Images, and in both cases you've got a few customization settings: transparency level, size, angle and position on the image. Plus Watermark Images lets you preview the result on the first image in the folder before actually applying the watermark to the rest of them.

Watermark Images works generally fine but has also some issues that prevent it from getting a higher rating. One is the fact that the preview function doesn't seem to work unless you choose to resize images besides watermarking them. Another one is a couple of error messages I got during the test; nothing serious, but annoying anyway.

With Watermark Images you easily mark photos as your property – and maybe prevent people from using them without permission.

Fixed a bug where a warning would stay on the last page, thanks Elisabeth Fixed a design issue affecting the gui look.


  • Fixed a bug where a warning would stay on the last page, thanks Elisabeth Fixed a design issue affecting the gui look.


  • You can use images or text as watermarks
  • Works with complete folders
  • Highly customizable watermarks
  • Lets you resize images simultaneously
  • No installation required


  • Not that useful to watermark single pictures
  • Preview function doesn't always work
  • Some error messages


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Watermark Image


Watermark Image for PC


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